Patient Testimonials

Cataract Surgery with Dr. John Davidson

Interview with Dr. Davidson of Lynn Eye Medical Group and his patient, who underwent cataract surgery on both her eyes, describing the details of the surgery and her experience.

Discussion between Dr. Davidson of Lynn Eye Medical Group and his patient about benefits of cataract surgery, how it improves life through improving vision, helps with night driving, golfing, color vision and other activities.

Our Patients talk about their experiences with the Lynn Eye Medical Group Doctors

“Dr. Anya Sebring is fantastic as a pediatric ophthalmologist! My son is only 5 years old and has worn glasses since he was 2. Our previous ophthalmologist office had long wait times, and the doctor seemed impatient with my son when he struggled to comply with the exam, but he was only a toddler! I am SO grateful to have found Dr. Sebring and the Lynn Eye Medical Group after we moved to this area. The office staff is friendly, we never have to wait long to be seen for our appointment (sometimes within minutes of arriving), and Dr. Sebring is kind, patient, and works exceptionally well with my son in supporting him in completing his eye exams to the best of his ability!”
– Melissa S., West Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA

“I am in Dept of Dr. Zhang for returning my vision back to me. I suffered a severe dry eye for 5 years. Life was blurry and painful and none of the ophthalmologists I visited could solve my vision problem until my dear coworker referred me to Dr. Zhang and she fixed my eyes. Since last year, I am watching TV, working behind the monitor for long hours and have no problem with my eyes just because I finally found the right and knowledgeable doctor.”
– Stephan Y., Los Angeles, CA

“Dr. Davidson was so patient with me and my concerns, his time spent with me went above and beyond what was necessary. His attention helped to allay my fear and I am now so glad that I went through with the surgery. I have the Restor lens in both eyes and am now 20/20 without glasses! Thanks to Dr. Davidson and the Restor lens – I can see!”
– Deloyce H.

“My family has seen Dr. Hymas for 12 years now. Love him! Best bedside manner, very efficient and truly cares. The aggressive form of glaucoma runs in my husband’s family so a good Ophthalmologist is very important to us. He has also done cataract surgery on my father without any issues and gave us a great recommendation to an eye specialist when my mom needed tubes put into her eyelids for over tearing issues due to chemo.”
– Sophia H., Westlake Village, CA

“Many times in life you meet people who literally change your lifestyle. Dr. John Davidson did that for me. My surgery with Dr. Davidson was incredible, pain free, very professional, and the outcome is so good I can’t even describe it in words. Dr. Davidson is one of those rare individuals whose honesty, bedside manner, and abilities are all equal. I cannot recommend too highly the staff and the competency that Dr. Davidson brings.”
– Bob Eubanks, M.D.

“I woke to find that I had a central vision defect that was making it difficult to see. I called Lynn Eye Medical Group to get into my ophthalmologist, Dr. Matzkin, but he was on vacation.  The office team set me up with Dr. Butera who confirmed a serious and urgent issue developing.  He personally worked to get the practice’s retina specialist, Dr. Martidis to see me within the hour.  He was able to initiate treatments the same day that managed to save the vision in my left eye, for which I will be eternally grateful.  I lost the vision in my right eye to this same issue 25 years ago, and Dr. Martidis promptly making himself available (instead of taking a break) and getting treatment going right away is probably responsible for my successful outcome.”
– Neil W., Moorpark, CA

“I have been going to Dr. Butera at Lynn Eye for almost 30 years.  I would not trust my eyes to anyone else. Unlike many doctors he actually cares about his patients and will take the time to answer all of your questions. The staff is friendly and efficient, and I have never waited more than 15 minutes for the assistant to take me back to start the exam. (which is truly rare these days).  Needless to say, I would highly recommend Lynn Eye.”
– Janice S., Woodland Hills, CA

“Our family has been seen by Ophthalmologists at Lynn Eye Medical Group since we moved to Thousand Oaks in 1983. Our children saw Dr. Cooper and all the adults and Grandparents saw and see Dr. Matzkin and we are so satisfied!  If you want quality oriented Ophthalmologists, Lynn Eye Medical Group is your Place!”
– Arline C., Thousand Oaks, CA